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La Crosse 925-1418 Weather Sensor Shield Compatibility Chart

The following chart identifies compatible sensors for the La Crosse 925-1418 Wireless Remote Sensor Shield. WeatherShack does not carry all compatible sensors.


Compatible Remote Wireless Sensors


06002M, 06009RM, 00606TX, 609TXC, 00592TXR

La Crosse

LTV-TH1, LTV-TH2, LTV-TH3, TX21, TX141, TX141v2, TX141TH-BCH, TX141TH-BCHV3. TX141TH-B. TX141TH-BV2, TX141TH-BV3, TX142 Series, TX143 Series, TX191, TX232TH-LCD, TX233TH, TX25U, TX28U-IT, TX29U-IT, TX29UDTH-IT, TX37U-IT, TX38U-IT, TX40U-IT, TX44UDTH-IT, TX45 Series, TX50U-IT, TX6U, TX60U-IT, TX60U-IT-D, TX60U-IT-W, TX7U, TX70U-IT, TX71U-IT Series, 926-25000-WGB, 926-25001-WGB, 926-25002-WGB

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