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Smart Phone Weather Stations

RainWise Weather Stations

Smart phone weather stations transmit data via a Bluetooth connection or your network router. The weather data can be viewed on a smartphone by downloading an App. Depending on the model; temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and other types of weather information such as rainfall can be monitored.

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RainWise Weather Stations

RainWise MK-III Wireless Weather Stations provide superior accuracy, including all of the capabilities and features desired by knowledgeable weather enthusiasts.

Starting At: $747.95
AcuRite 01528
AcuRite 01528
AcuRite Iris Complete Wireless Color Weather Station
  • IN/OUT Temp & Humidity
  • Wind Speed/Direction
  • Rainfall
  • Heat Index/Wind Chill/Dew Point
  • Manual Set Time/Date
  • Color Display
Our Price: $167.95
5 stars (209)
AcuRite 01089M
AcuRite 01089M
Wireless Rain Gauge w/ IN & OUT Temp.
  • Rainfall Measurement (in./mm)
  • Self-Emptying Rain Gauge
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
  • Indoor/Outdoor Humidity
  • Heat Index & Dew Point
  • Clock & Calendar
  • View Data Online (Optional)
Sale Price: $62.95
4.5 stars (96)
AcuRite 00622
AcuRite 00622
Wireless Color Weather Center w/ Wind Speed
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Forecast Icon
  • Wind Speed/Gust
  • Barometric Pressure w/ Graph
  • Manual Set Date/Time
  • Illuminated Color Display
Sale Price: $107.95
4.5 stars (41)
La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT
La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT
Wireless Wi-Fi Color Weather Station w/ Wind Speed & Rainfall
  • View Data on Mobile Device
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Rainfall & Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction (Wi-Fi Required)
  • Dew Point & Barometric Pressure
  • AccuWeather Forecasts
Our Price: $149.95
4.5 stars (57)
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