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Davis Instruments 6152C

Davis Instruments 6152C

Cabled Vantage Pro2
Model: 6152C
Our Price: $727.95

Please note this is a cabled model!
CLICK HERE if you prefer the wireless version of the 6152.

Mounting pole not included.

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If you're looking for a superior cabled weather station, the Davis Cabled Vantage Pro2 Weather Station is as good as they come! A wireless version of this model is also available. Vantage Pro2 offers the professional weather observer and the serious weather enthusiast rugged performance. You'll get your own local forecast, highs and lows, totals or averages, and graphs for virtually all weather variables over the past 24 hours, days, months or years on the included Vantage Pro2 console. Vantage Pro2 is also an excellent choice for emergency professionals, farmers, schools, researchers, municipalities, and others to monitor wind and moisture conditions, irrigation requirements, and potential flooding.

A key factor that set the Vantage Pro2 apart from many other complete weather stations is the refresh rate.:

  • Refresh Rate - A packet of data is sent from the outdoor transmitter to the receiver every 2 1/2 seconds! This means when you look out the window and see the wind blowing, the weather station will reflect it almost immediately.

The Davis Vantage Pro2 provides extensive additional information for each weather variable. These include daily highs and lows, temperature changes by the hour, air pressure changes and astronomical data such as moon phase and meteor showers.

To make viewing weather data easier at night, Davis designed the Vantage Pro2 console with an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. A data collecting device in its own right, the console's built in sensors provide indoor temperature and humidity as well as barometric pressure measurements. The Vantage Pro2 6152C outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is powered by a cable that is connected to the ISS and the indoor console.

You can set over 70 alarms on the Vantage Pro2 for multiple functions simultaneously. You can view over 80 graphs including additional analysis of temperature, rain, rain rate, wind, and barometric pressure. The ticker-tape display shows forecast details and additional information with over 100 different messages.

To view your weather data either on a PC or to stream the data to the online cloud you may purchase a WeatherLink data-logger and upload near real-time weather information.

All Davis Vantage Pro2 Complete Weather Station models include:

  • Console with AC power adapter. The console may also be powered using three C batteries. Batteries should also be added to the console for backup during power outages.
  • Integrated sensor suite with rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer. The temperature and humidity sensors are integrated beneath the rain collector (very nice).
  • 40 foot (12 meter) anemometer cable. The anemometer connects to the Sensor Interface Module (SIM) on the side of the rain gauge.
  • AeroCone with bird spikes. The AeroCone rain collector reduces wind-induced errors by providing a more aerodynamic path around the collector. Its contours are designed to streamline the airflow and reduce flow distortions. The design improves rain data accuracy in high wind situations where the horizontal wind velocity can cause under reporting. The inside of the rain collector is equally well designed, keeping intact the carefully engineered interior walls that reduce splash out during high rain conditions. The new debris screen locks into place, ensuring that it remains in place during high winds and heavy rainfall events. The rain collector has optional spikes that can be installed to avoid potential nesting.

The Vantage Pro2 6152C includes a 100 foot (30 meter) cable that connects the sensor suite to the console.

Not sure which model to choose? Visit our Davis Weather Stations Comparison Chart to help you decide. Includes the Davis Vantage Vue weather station as well.

Note: We do carry magnetic compasses to help you orient your anemometer to true north. Those can be located under the "Accessories" tab. For more information on set up, please visit the anemometer page on our WeatherShack education center.

  • Vantage Weather Stations Console Features
    Click here for a detailed comparison chart of Davis Vantage Weather Stations console features.
  • Cabled Integrated Sensor Suite
    Receives power via a cable connected to the indoor console.
  • Temperature
    Current inside and outside temperature, and for each of the last 24 hours. High and low temperature alarms.
  • Humidity
    Current inside and outside humidity, and for each of the last 24 hours. High and low humidity alarms.
  • Barometric Pressure
    Current and for each of the last 24 hours. Five position trend arrow shows whether pressure is rising, falling, or stable. High pressure warning for storm clearing (rising trend) and low pressure for storm warning (falling trend).
  • Rainfall
    Rainfall for the last 15 minutes and the last 24 hours, 24 days, 24 months, and 24 years. Flash flood and 24 hour rain alarms. Rain gauge uses tipping spoon (self-emptying) technology.
  • Rain Rate
    Current and for each of the last 24 hours. Rain rate alarm.
  • Rain Storm
    Rainfall for the last 24 storms, with beginning and ending dates for each storm. Rain storm warning and alarm.
  • Wind Speed
    Current wind speed. Average for the last ten minutes and each of the last 24 hours. High and average wind speed alarms.
  • Wind Direction
    Current and for the last 24 hours, 24 days, and 24 months. Direction of high wind speed.
  • Wind Chill
    Current wind chill. Wind chill alarm.
  • Dew Point
    Current and for each of the last 24 hours. High and low dew point alarms.
  • Heat Index
    Current and for each of the last 24 hours. Heat index alarm.
  • Highs & Lows
    For most weather variables, with time and/or date, for each of the last 24 hours.
  • Sunrise/Sunset & Moon Phase
    Time of sunrise/sunset and moon phase at your location - it even takes daylight savings time into account!
  • On screen graphing
    Graph current conditions, averages, or highs and lows for the last 24 hours, days, months, or years.
  • Your Own Forecast
    The Vantage Pro2 forecast icons show sun, part sun, clouds, and rain, or snow. You may also check the scrolling ticker-tape at the bottom of the display for more details.
  • Optional Sensors
    Ultraviolet (UV) and solar radiation sensors.

Major Dimensions:

  • Console: 9.625" x 6.125" x 1.625" (244mm x 156mm x 41mm)
  • LCD Display: 5.94" x 3.375" (151mm x 86mm)
  • Integrated Sensor Suite:
    • ISS Anemometer Side:
      14 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 17 1/2" (370mm x 130mm x 445mm)
    • ISS Rain Collector Side:
      11" x 9" x 13 1/2" (280mm x 230mm x 340mm)

Integrated Sensor Suite Mounting:

  • With the supplied U-bolt, the ISS can be mounted on a pole or rod having an outside diameter ranging from 1.25" to 1.75" (32 to 44 mm).

Backup Battery Life:

  • Vantage Pro2 Console & ISS: 27 days

Note: Actual battery life will vary depending on station setup and usage.



Average Customer Rating 4.7 4.5 stars (based on 29 reviews)

Displaying reviews 1-10 of 29
By Donald
From Martinez, CA
5 stars Documentation is excellent.
Like the layout on the device. Documentation is excellent. Accurate and working well.
By Steve
From Rehoboth Beach, DE
5 stars So sar so good
Product was received in perfect condition. Installation was straightforward and well explainned in the instructions. Not sure how accurate the rain sensor is. I have a manual rain gauge (Stratus) and the Davis rain measurement will sometimes read more than the manual gauge and sometimes read less than the manual gauge. The Davis do not seem to have an adjustment for the rain sensor. The console has a back light, however you must remember to turn off the back light or it will increase the indoor temperature reading - this behavior is indicated in the documentation but it would be a nice feature to either automatically turn off the back light after say 30 seconds, or maybe dim the back light after 30 seconds to the point the back light does not impact the indoor temperature readings. I like the graphing feature on the console, however, while it will display the "scale", the number of points on the horizontal and vertical axis is not displayed so you don't actually know how much each point in the graph represents. I have not decided if I am going to purchase the data logging module that will connect to a PC and allow access to the weather data from the internet.
By William
From Quilcene, WA
5 stars Davis weather station
We rewired for a station when the house was built. The installation went great and the Davis station is working very well well. Thanks for your great service.
By Milton
5 stars Great weather station.
This is a great weather station for the serious weather watcher.
By Sam
From Woodstock, GA
5 stars Vantage Pro Replacement
Purchase process was simple and efficient. Discovered that the Pro2 will not work with the old Pro data module. Purchased an upgrade via a trade-in from the old unit. Everything is performing as expected. One thing I would like to see is a simple transfer of configurations from the old unit to the new one via the Vantage Pro software.
By John
From Lafayette, VA
5 stars Weather
The Davis Weather Station is a true pro-station. The console displays all major data at one time, additional data i obtained using the 2nd function key.
By Ron
From Auburn, MA
5 stars Very happy
Was easy to install and works as advertised. Very happy with the product.
By Douglas
From Rose Hill, KS
5 stars Davis Cabled Vantage Pro2 (6152C)
Fast shipping and was packed well. Is functioning properly so far.
By Chris
From Santa Barbara, CA
5 stars Vantage Pro2
Great product for the home
By Dave
From Cumberland, OH
4 stars All Right So Far
I selected the Cabled Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station because I really wanted cabled operation, not to save money. It's not my first weather station; that unit's last working outdoor sensor failed about four years after installation, with no replacements available even if I wanted to pay for them because the station had gone out of manufacture before I purchased mine. So my other reason for selecting a Davis Vantage Pro 2 (and paying about twice as much as my first one for it) is that it's been in production for years, looks likely to remain in production for years to come, and replacement parts are clearly available; many of which are sold by But I won't be able to express a complete opinion on whether the Vantage Pro 2 meets my expectations until I know how well it holds up -- a process that SHOULD take years. I took my time over installation, carefully reading the supplied instructions and picturing my options. But during initial setup, I found a faulty bearing for the wind cups in the anemometer arm. It took a week for Davis to supply a replacement, at which time I was more than ready to proceed. If you've only seen images of the "unitized" installation of the Vantage Pro 2 sensor package, you may well be concerned as to whether you can find a way to install it at your site...without also purchasing that special tripod and pole (and finding a place for THAT). But the anemometer assembly can be mounted separately from the rest of the sensor package (called the ISS by Davis) -- by as much as 40 feet; there's that much cable supplied, so installation is quite versatile. And you don't even need a pole; either unit can be screwed into a wooden post, and Davis supplies the wood screws. And if you shop with, you can review the actal installation manual Online. I chose a conservative installation on a tall antenna mast, placing both units for the best combination of function and ease of access I could manage. The Vantage Pro 2 Console has a graph display Davis describes as "very powerful," and indeed the 24-by-12-dot display can be set to graph about any value the console can display. Most graphs show a value for each hour in the last 24, but graphs for the last 24 days, 24 months, or even 24 years (!) can be displayed. It's certainly superior to most weather station graphs, which show just a few bars in a row. As with about every other weather station console on the market today, the compass rose lacks enough detail for my liking, with pointers for only sixteen points on the compass -- this despite being able to read the wind vane direction *to the degree*. You can prove it by displaying the degree value, but the compass rose uses the windspeed display to show it, so you can't see both at once. The compass rose has two different types of pointer to show both current wind direction and ten-minute averages for the last hour, with up to six possible averages on display at one time. Decide for yourself if this feature is useful or distracting, because you can't alter it. For the record, my perference would be as close as possible to an analog pointer which follows the wind vane movement exactly. You can't find that on the most expensive specialty instruments on the market. And I can do without a phase-of-the-moon display (derived by calendar). I can look out a window for that. Otherwise, I'm entirely satisfied with my purchase and the weather information it provides -- as long as it continues working flawlessly. If not, it's apparent a station of superior construction would cost at least twice as much as this one.


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