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Davis WeatherLink Data-Loggers

Vantage Pro2 WeatherLink

The ultimate in weather monitoring! Connects an original Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2, Vantage Vue weather stations, Wireless Weather Envoy (also Envoy8X) or Cabled Weather Envoy to your PC, MAC, ham radio, irrigation controller or other device. With the free WeatherLink software or the WeatherLink online cloud you can create graphs, generate summaries, analyze trends, or even create a weather web site, all with your own weather database! You may view your current weather data online at or with the WeatherLink Mobile App. The online personal webpage provides viewing of current conditions, such as; temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed/direction, rainfall and much more. Share your weather data with 3rd party services, such as; Weather Underground, CWOP and GLOBE.

  • For a complete cloud-based WeatherLink Data Logger solution, the WeatherLink Live hub wirelessly receives weather data from up to eight devices then live-streams the data via Wi-Fi (or Ethernet cable) connection in one minute intervals to A Weather Envoy or Envoy8x is not required for this solution. Note: The Weather Live is not compatible with cabled Davis Vantage Pro2 weather stations and cabled Vantage Pro2 ISS units.
  • Direct USB or Serial cabled WeatherLink Data Loggers can store up to 2560 archive records (one 52-byte record per archive interval) for later transfer to a computer. Archive records are stored in 128K of non-volatile memory; protecting the data even if the console loses power. Maxima, minima, averages, and totals are taken over the archive interval, which is user-selectable in increments of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. The data logger archive storage capacity (the amount of time before the archive is completely filled) is as follows:
  - 1 Minute Archive Interval - 42 hours - 30 Minute Archive Interval - 53 days - 120 Minute Archive Interval - 213 days
  - 5 Minute Archive Interval - 8 days - 15 Minute Archive Interval - 26 days  
  - 10 Minute Archive Interval - 17 days - 60 Minute Archive Interval - 106 days  
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