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North Country Wind Bells® Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my wind bell ring or move?
  • Is your windcatcher attached? This is the piece that hangs beneath your bell that catches the wind-causing your bell to ring. If your windcatcher is missing, this is the reason your bell is not ringing.
  • Does the rod and hammer swing freely? The rod and hammer are the pieces on the inside that rings the bell. This piece should be able to swing freely. If not, is there anything on the inside obstructing it from movement?
  • Where is your bell hung? Wind is a tricky issue, 360° of open access wind is preferred. Buildings (such as houses) block at least half your wind. Remember, these bells require more wind than most other types of wind chimes. Plants, trees and low shrubbery have the same effect. This can be solved by relocating your bell in a more open area.
  • How is your windcatcher moving? Is your windcatcher moving in small circles? If so, this means moving the bell slightly, until the windy sweet spot is found. If it is not moving at all, consider relocating your bell to a different area.

Other tips and tricks for locating your wind bell that other customers have found success with.

  • Extended the bell from a long rope. This caused the bell and windcatcher to blow in the breeze.
  • Locate the bell away from areas that are prone to pesty critters, such as; squirrels. Squirrels can collect debris and place it inside the bell.
  • Customers have reported that their bell has been sabotaged by neighbors by cutting out the inside rod and hammer. Thus, consider locating the bell in an area that is not easily accessible to others.

Why is the rod and hammer not centered? Depending on which bell you have, the rod and hammer may not be centered. This is because many of our bells offer several different tones. This means that different gauges of steel are used to provide specific sounds. When using a heavier gauge for one panel, the rod and hammer is going to naturally lean to the heavier side of the bell. This should not affect the ringing of your bell. If it does, we do have a couple tips to offer.

  • You may need to push the panel in or out ever so slightly to offer a little more distance. This may not work in all cases.
  • If your bell is only ringing one panel this may be easily resolved. Re-arrange the chain so the bell is hanging opposite to the way it was originally. This is in hopes that the wind will push the windcatcher, rod and hammer to the other panels. You may also need to relocate the bell to an area where the wind is a little stronger.

Why does my bell have a clanking sound or sounds like Tin? If your bell fell, was hit by an object or was jostled; chances are there is a panel touching another panel. What this means is that the vibrations the bell needs to ring is obstructed by the touching of the panels. This is easily solved by gently pulling the two panels apart ever so slightly.

Why is my bell rusting, why is my windcatcher rusting? Our bell-bodies are made from a heavy gauged recycled steel and are made to last. The chains, rod and windcatchers are made from a lighter steel. This is to allow for greater movement of these parts. Rusting (or a fine patina as we like to call it) is part of steel’s nature. The powder coating should last many years of weathering. However, environmental conditions are not all equal to every region. If you live near saltwater or where there is lots of humidity, chances are the bell will weather faster. It is recommended to clear coat your bell if you prefer the original factory look. We recommend a spray Rust-oleum. Try not to spray inside of your bell as this may prevent the movement of the rod and hammer. We also highly recommend spraying your windcatcher as this is made from a much lighter steel.

Do your wind bells have a manufacturer warranty? We do not provide a manufacturer warranty. In our many years of experience, we have found that customers have very little issues with their wind bell. We have a proven record that our bells have lasted over twenty years. The chains for the bell and windcatcher does not twist or tangle.

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