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Davis Instruments 6345

Davis Instruments 6345

Vantage Pro2 Leaf Wetness & Soil Moisture/Temp Station
Model: 6345
List Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $255.95

This station does not come with sensors/probes.
Sensors/Probes must be purchased separately.

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The 6345 Wireless Leaf Wetness, Soil Moisture and Temperature Station features a solar-powered transmitter and battery inside a weather-resistant shelter.

The 6345 Wireless Leaf Wetness, Soil Moisture and Temperature Station can communicate directly with a Vantage Pro2 console, Vantage Connect, or WeatherLink Live.

Receive data from either:

  • A single fully-populated station with 2 leaf wetness sensors, 4 soil moisture sensors, and 4 temperature probes - or...
  • Two partially-populated stations, one with 2 leaf wetness sensors and 2 temperature probes, and the other with 4 soil moisture sensors and 4 temperature probes.

Add-On Davis Leaf Wetness Sensor 6420

Use the leaf wetness sensor to monitor the level of surface moisture on foliage, with range from 0 (completely dry) to 15 (saturated). Add up to 2 sensors to a single Wireless Leaf & Soil Moist/Temp station. Includes 40' cable.

Add-On Davis Soil Moisture Sensor 6440

Watermark soil moisture sensor uses electrical resistance to measure the moisture level of the soil. Does not require periodic maintenance during the growing season. Simply bury at the desired depth, then monitor moisture levels throughout the season. Add up to 4 sensors to a single Wireless Leaf & Soil Moist/Temp station. Includes 15' cable.

Add-On Davis Stainless Steel Temperature Probe 6470

Multi-purpose temperature probe with 2-1/2" long stainless steel housing. Use to measure temperature of air, soil, or water. Add up to 4 probes to a single Wireless Leaf & Soil Moist/Temp station. Includes 15' cable direct-burial cable.

Note: Not compatible with the original Vantage Pro (Vantage Pro "1"). It will only work with the Vantage Pro2 line of products.



Average Customer Rating 4.7 4.5 stars (based on 7 reviews)

By Joshua O.
From Guayama, PR
5 stars Good quality
Excelent product
By joe
From The Villages, FL
5 stars just like another weather station
since i was setting my station up to provide climate information for my irrigation system, this was a no brainer for me. very easy to set up.
By Dan
From Fredericksburg, TX
5 stars Managing my garden is now online!
I bought this system to manage data from my large vegetable garden including soil moisture, leaf wetness, and soil temperature. The integration with WeatherLink is seamless and I can review all of these parameters directly on my phone.
From Martinsville, VA
5 stars Great addition to Vantage Pro 2 Plus
After 12 years with my original Vantage Pro I upgraded to a new VantagePro 2 weather station. Easy flawless upgrade plus UV and Solar measurements. I decided to add leaf wetness, soil moisture and soil temperature station plus various sensors for my garden which is where the weather station is located. Installation and setup could not have been easier and now I have an abundance of information and can call my son in law from anywhere in the world and get him to water the garden when it needs it.
By Bruce
From Ann Arbor, MI
4 stars Integrates Nicely into Existing Station
This was easy to set up and get on the air. My only ding is that the connector strip is a bit funky, I would have preferred screws. Also, the way the cables egress makes tightening the bottom clamp a bit of a challenge.
By David
From Baker, FL
5 stars Davis vantage pro 2 soil moisture station
The vantage Pro2 station is installed torsoil moisture measurements. Installation was straight forward and completed in a relative short time. I'm still getting used to interpreting the readings. The instrument will help save irrigation water, which is why I installed it.
By Rob
From Mooresville, NC
4 stars Station
Wish temperature had at least one decimal
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