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Productive Alternatives Stratus Rain Gauge
Productive Alternatives Stratus Rain Gauge
Manual Snow/Rain Gauge - English Version
  • Meets NWS Standards
  • Clear UV Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Measures 11" of Precipitation
  • Graduated in 1/100 Inch Increments
  • Measure Rain, Snow or Sleet
  • English Measurement Model
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Productive Alternatives

Productive Alternatives, Inc. is dedicated to providing diverse human services programming, offering viable workforce opportunities for businesses, and manufacturing and marketing innovative products. They are committed to providing services of the highest quality and offer a wide variety of human service programming. They also offer a variety of ways to meet the workforce needs of businesses, providing public transportation options, and becoming an important means to develop, manufacture, and market new product ideas. Productive Alternatives is a non-profit corporation. It was established to promote the social welfare by providing vocational, rehabilitation, training, habilitation, employment and developmental services to disabled persons. These services are designed to enable disabled persons to develop their highest individual potential and move toward normal lives in the workplace and in the community.

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